7th Stand User: Fate is Unbreakable Wikia
Big In Japan
Namesake Big in Japan (Alphaville song)
User Chiisako Daeiki
Distance Long-Range
Power A
Speed E
Precision E
Durability A
Potential C

Big in Japan is the stand of Chiisako Daieki.

Big In Japan is an automatic stand that produces large amounts of radiation into a target its user decides deserves it. Once its target is set, it waddles towards its victim, undeterred by most any attacks that come its way. It will continuously pump radiation at them until they are killed, where it will then cease violent action.

This stand is highly destructive, durable, and has a range that can’t be measured. It is, however, very slow and imprecise, not to mention it seems to have some level of sentience and is controlled very much depending on the emotional state of its user.