7th Stand User: Fate is Unbreakable Wikia
Creeping Death
Namesake Creeping Death (Metallica song)
User Joe Harper
Distance Long Range
Class Control
Power C
Speed E
Range A
Precision A
Durability D
Potential B

Creeping Death is the stand of Joe Harper

Creeping Death can "infect" the dreams of the people who come in contact with its user, Joe Harper. Once it has you in its claws, it will torture you with nightmares that feed on you. It's a very greedy spirit, and if its power is so potent on you, it can induce long sleep and, eventually, drain the victim dry. Even Joe is not immune from this downside, though it needs him to live. As a result, Joe is kept in a constant state of narcolepsy, not dying per-say, but always tired and always looking for a way to fix his sleeping habits.

This stand falters in speed and durability and has average strength overall, but, because of its automatic nature it has incredible range and precision