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Danger! High Voltage
Danger! High Voltage.png
Namesake Danger! High Voltage (Electric Six song)
Distance Mid-Range
Class Colony Type
Power B
Speed C
Range B
Precision C
Durability C
Potential C

"A medium range Swarm-type Stand. It appears as a school of lightbulb-shaped jellyfish that can control electromagnetic fields and electric pressure. But beware of enemies that use water attacks, as water will disperse the accumulated charge." ( In-Game Description )

"How fun! You're great at parties, surely! You don't let anything get you down, and you can always bring smiles to a room. People enjoy your company, and you enjoy them. One might even say you see too many nice things, at the expense of reality, but who cares? Life is meant to be enjoyed, I once heard someone say." ( Personality Evaluation )

Danger! High Voltage is one of the possible main character stands.

Danger! High Voltage, or D!HV, or DHV, is a mid-range swarm stand. This stand is comprised of six jellyfish like creatures that, together, boost the voltage of the electricity they conduct for a variety of effects.

This can range from charging a battery, to cheating arcade/pachinko machines, to even tasering someone.

The stand is fairly strong with good range, but it’s average in just about every other area.