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Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter.png
Namesake Helter Skelter ( The Beatles song )
Distance Mid-Range
Class Speed Type
Power E>C>B
Speed C>B>A
Range C>D>B
Precision C>B>D
Durability E>C>D
Potential A>A>B

" A medium range Speed type stand. It can create flames using friction, but doesn't seem to have any powers other than that. But who knows? I've heard of animals that can obtain new abilities by changing their form. This could be something like that..." ( In-Game Description )

"How sneaky! A whoopie cushion beneath my seat? I could never imagine! You relish in playing pranks and being coy. You don't let others feel a moment of peace. Your nature makes it hard to like you, or even be around you. Still, you keep people on their toes, and that has some value in it's own way." ( Personality Evaluation )

Helter Skelter is one of the possible main character stands.

Helter Skelter comes in three ACTS. The first ACT allows the user to summon fire via friction. If they rub their foot against the ground or snap their finger, they can summon fire at will, like a little fireball. ACT 2 further expands the power, allowing the user to create ice by taking heat from an object, like Dio’s ice powers from Phantom Blood. ACT 3 allows the user to generate and control plasma via the flamethrower in its torso.

ACT 1 suffers from a low attack power and durability. ACT 2 gains a boost in those areas, at the cost of its range. ACT 3 gains a further boost to all stats, but loses out in precision and durability.