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Hip To Be Square
It's hip to fuck bees.png
Namesake Hip to be Square (Huey Lewis and the News song)
Distance Long-Range
Class Special Type
Power D
Speed B
Range A
Precision B
Durability D
Potential C

"A long range Special-type Stand. It can double almost anything - people, things, even concepts. All the user has to do is point their finger at whatever they want doubled and it creates a perfect copy. However, it's power will not affect very large objects, or objects which contain a number of different things." ( In-Game Description )

"Just like Solomon, you try to find the best solution that will benefit everyone. Though, in this case, it wasn't quite as magnanimous. You make sure that everyone's story is heard, and you want everyone to work together. Of course you're only working toward fairness, not what's best/ Perhaps you should take the lead sometimes?" ( Personality Evaluation )

Hip To Be Square is one of the possible main character stands.

Hip to Be Square is a long range special stand with the power to duplicate objects. It accomplishes this feat by 'scanning’ the the subject with two arms, and then recreating, or ‘printing’ the object in the remaining two. This power is very similar to that of a 3D printer. Once the copy is created, anything done to the copy will affect the original target. For example, hitting the copy in the nose will break the nose of the target.

This can be done with any single object, from a box to a person. Something like a building, containing many objects/people, would be too much for it.

The stand has great speed, range, and precision, but falters in power and durability.