Jun Hogo (保護 順) is an inspector in the Morioh Police Department. She is the protege of Ryohei Higashikata.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She wears a police jacket with the symbol of Morioh and 'P.D.' on the back. She wears a work shirt, tie, high waist dress pants, and dress shoes.

She has a small pin in the shape of a shield with a jewel in the center. She also has a belt with a lifeline and jewels at the ends.

Her normal color palette is a blue and gold police jacket, with a white workshirt, blue tie, gold and brown belt, blue dress pants, brown dress shoes

Skills[edit | edit source]

She has basic police combat training, mid-level martial arts, and a police baton to protect herself from close combat threats. She carries a snub nose revolver for any armed foes at long range.

Story[edit | edit source]

Jun is a hard working police inspector, being mentored by Ryohei to balance out issues she still struggles with, such as her indecisiveness.

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