7th Stand User: Fate is Unbreakable Wikia
Whoah oh here she comes.png
Namesake Maneater (Hall and Oates song)
Distance Long-Range
Class Colony Type
Power A
Speed B
Range A
Precision E
Durability A
Potential E

"A long range Swarm-type Stand. It appears as a siren made up of a school of fish that can swim through objects. They move independently of the user, attacking when something triggers the small hairs on their bodies." ( In-Game Description )

"You're so rude! You only seem to take pleasure in being mean to others! You can't stand people who act nice to each other, maybe because it seems so fake to you. Some might go as far to call you a cynic about people being kind to one another. Still, you seem to be decent at heart. Maybe you're waiting for someone to come along and fix you?" ( Personality Evaluation )

Maneater is one of the possible main character stands.

Maneater is a long range swarm stand composed of numerous fish-like creatures which can swim through any surface and viciously attack any nearby movement, even an ally or the MC themselves. When fully assembled, Maneater takes the form of a siren-like stand.

Maneater is incredibly destructive and has a large range and very good speed and durability. Its major drawback is no precision, thus potentially harming allies.