Namesake Motörhead (Metal band)
Distance Close-Range
Class Power Type
Power A
Speed A
Range D
Precision D
Durability B
Potential A

Motörhead is one of the possible Main Character stands.

Motörhead is a short range power stand, and one of the main character playable stands. It has the power to influence momentum of itself and any object it touches. The stand itself is a suit, like the one you see in this picture. This is important, as the user is completely covered, which means its power is limited to the range of the user. Motörhead, on top of the power of momentum, can also be ridden like a motorcycle. With this, Motörhead allows its user to turn on a dime or stop completely almost instantaneously. It can also allow itself to reach high speeds, comparable to a bullet train. It is not entirely limited to its motorcycle mode, though, because it can still run at high speeds.

Because it can affect other objects, it can throw objects at an incredibly high speeds. Its high strength and momentum affecting ability can make the object appear to travel as fast, if not faster, then the eye can see.

The stand is not without its weaknesses, however. The stand is limited to its user, as it is a suit. While it can make objects thrown appear faster than the human eye, the user itself can not move that fast off of its motorcycle mode. In short, Motörhead’s physical speed, like running, is limited by its user. Further, Motörhead cannot move fast in things that limit movement, like water or quicksand, for example. Finally, and the stand’s biggest crutch, is that it requires maintenance to maintain itself in peak condition. Standard motor oil is all it requires, but if this is neglected, Motörhead will be weaker than its potential. Thankfully, however, even a neglected Motörhead is still stronger and faster than the average human or even the average stand.

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