New York Minute
New York Minute.png
Namesake New York Minute ( Don Henley song )
Distance Mid-Range
Class Special type
Power E>D>C
Speed C>B>A
Range D>C>C
Precision D>C>B
Durability C>B>B
Potential A>A>C

"A medium range Special-type Stand. This Stand alters how a living thing perceives time, specifically being able to slow someone's perception of time. Such a simple ability, but if you're smart, you can use it to your advantage." ( In-Game Description )

"You're pleasant to be around. I think I might even find you a decent friend if you didn't smell like alley sewage. You have such an approachable, likeable personality, people can't stand not being around you! Are you doing this just to make friends, or to use people? Sometimes, those motives are the most difficult to figure out." ( Personality Evaluation )

New York Minute is one of the possible main character stands.

New York Minute is a three act, mid range special stand. It has the power to manipulate time via vibration of molecules. ACT 1 has the ability to 'slow’ an object or person via vibrating molecules to very slow speeds. ACT 2 allows the user to ‘speed up’ an object or person. ACT 3 allows the user to then cause very intense vibrations, creating earthquakes, or shaking something or someone’s internals.

All three together provide a very powerful, effective stand. ACTS 1 and 2 have very poor power, but compensate with speed and durability. With ACT 3, the stand becomes precise, durable, and very speedy.

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