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Red Light Special
Red Light Special.png
Namesake Red Light Special ( TLC song )
Distance Mid-Range
Class Support Type
Power B
Speed E
Range C (10 meters)
Precision B
Durability C
Potential A

"A medium range Support Stand which takes the form of five females that each have abilities based on the five senses. They can use their powers to enhance your senses or disorient a target. It's not the strongest Stand, but its strength comes from how you use it." ( In-Game Description )

"Dear Romeo, how much do you love your dear Juliet? Enough to die for her? You love everyone and everything, no matter how bad it might get. You see the best in everyone, and you don't let their negative attributes color your perception. I admire one who lets their idealism cloud their judgement, but I also scoff at such a notion as well." ( Personality Evaluation )

Red Light Special is one of the possible main character stands.

Red Light Special is a mid range support stand that focuses on the ‘five’ senses. These senses take shape as five separate forms for the MC to use. Unlike an ACT stand or a swarm stand, all five are available at any time, but only one may be used at a time.

  1. 1- Ichi: This form focuses on vision. She can inflict blindness and other moves associated with sight and even extend the user’s sight.
  1. 2- Due: This form focuses smell. She can create disgusting smells or odors, or improve the smell of something dramatically.
  1. 3- Drei: This form focuses on sound. She can affect the sounds someone hears, can burst your ear drums, and remove the sound of an object.
  1. 4- Quatre: This form focuses on taste. She can poison you, make you sick, and ‘figuratively’ set your tongue on fire.
  1. 5- Five: This form focuses on touch. She’s very attack oriented, grants super strength, and has destructive hands.

The stand has fairly good power and precision, okay range and durability, and is very slow.