7th Stand User: Fate is Unbreakable Wikia
Space Oddity
Namesake Space Oddity (David Bowie song)
Distance Short-Range
Class Control Type
Power D
Speed A
Range C
Precision B
Durability D
Potential A

"A short range Control-type Stand with punches that can give a person different forms of harmful effects, such as poison, blindness, and so on. It also has a unique ability called 'Major Tom' that appears as a small UFO that Space Oddity uses as a jetpack, which can immobilize anything in it's tractor beam." ( In-Game Description )

" Stay away, you say? You don't like being around people, and would prefer them to go away? What a life you must lead. You don't want to deal with anyone, at all, for any reason? You even understand this isn't healthy behavior, yet you still do it. Was there something so horrible that it made you so distant? I'd love to know." ( Personality Evaluation )

Space Oddity is one of the possible main character stands.

Space Oddity is a short range control stand that can affect a person’s body. SO has anti-bodies that it can transmit to people via contact. Once contact has been made, Space Oddity can affect various parts of the body, causing different kinds of effects. It can do anything from causing blindness to dizziness, and so on and so forth. On its own, the stand is not very strong, but it also has a special ability of its own. Space Oddity has the ability called ‘Major Tom’, a little UFO that sits on its back when not in use. The UFO has a little tractor beam that can remove gravity within the area of the beam. While the victim is suspended, Space Oddity can more or less assert complete control over its enemy, allowing for a multitude of attacks.

Space Oddity is very weak with its power, but it is fairly fast and precise, and can easily deal damage very quickly.