Take On Me
Taaaaake oooooon meeeeee.png
Namesake Take On Me (a-ha song)
Distance Long-Range
Class Support Type
Power C
Speed B
Range A
Precision C
Durability C
Potential D

"A long range Support-type Stand. It has the power to transfer wounds to and from people and objects. With a stand like this, you could help or harm anyone with ease." ( In-Game Description )

"Clint Eastwood? Superman? How best to describe someone as selfless as you? You want to fight for what's just and right in this world, and stand up for those who cannot do it themselves. Everyone admires a hero, but being heroic might also be dangerous. Having the courage to do something is not the same thing as being able. Maybe a mean streak will help you gain perspective?" ( Personality Evaluation )

Take On Me is one of the possible main character stands.

Take On Me is a long range support stand, with the power to transfer damage and status effects between allies, enemies, and objects. For example, if Josuke had a cut on his face, Take On Me can then transfer the ‘cut’ off Josuke onto another object or person, leaving no cut. This transfer also heals the original person or object. On organic targets like people, the material from person to person will need to be exchanged, meaning healthy cells of the user with the damaged or ‘cut’ area.

Take On Me is strong enough to survive brief rushes of attacks, but its true skill in attacking is its speed and range. Otherwise, it has okay durability and precision.

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