7th Stand User: Fate is Unbreakable Wikia
Tenacious D
Namesake Tenacious D (Comedy rock duo)
Distance Mid-Range
Class Power Type
Power A
Speed D
Range C
Precision B
Durability B
Potential A

"A medium range Power type Stand. It's ability is to distort anything it touches, and alter it to the user's specifications. I hope you aren't a criminal, because this stand could be used in some disgusting ways. But still, no matter how nasty your Stand is, it could never defeat Heaven's Door!" ( In-Game Description )

"You're a bit of a wild child! Honestly, you frighten me with how excited you can get. You're constantly going and going, with so much energy to spare. People try to contain you, but you don't let their rules confine you. Maybe if you stop and consider your actions, think through your motives, you'll end up a bit better off?" ( Personality Evaluation )

Tenacious D is one of the possible main character stands.

Tenacious D is a mid range Power stand who can deform anything he attacks/touches. This power is comparable to Crazy Diamond, who can heal anything it attacks/touches as well. On top of this deformation, Tenacious D can reform the object into whatever the user wants. For example, he can deform a chair, reducing to something resembling grey putty, and then turn reform it into little end table, for example. Transforming an object automatically, however, does not accurately recreate the item. The item will be “downgraded”, as in the item will be of lesser quality. To get a higher quality transformation, Tenacious D must manually sculpt it. His power can also be used on his user, not by degrading, but by warping. Tenacious D could warp his user’s arm to reach something far away, for example. This warping can also be used on opponents to make them blind or stop talking, for example.

Tenacious D has a fair range, but not far reaching. The warping power of the user’s limbs is similar to a Zoom Punch, but it has the strength similar to the user, as in it doesn’t make the user’s attacks stronger. Tenacious D also cannot change objects into bigger objects. For example, he can not make a TV reform into a car. Finally, Tenacious D is slow, and thus has a disadvantage against faster foes.