7th Stand User: Fate is Unbreakable Wikia
The Stand
Za stando.png
Distance Short-Range
Class Special Type
Power Null
Speed Null
Range Null
Precision C
Durability C
Potential A

"A short-range Special-type Stand. It can copy the ability of any other Stand it interacts with, making it quite versatile. But otherwise, it has no other abilities, which means it's useless without a Stand to copy." ( In-Game Description )

"I've never seen a more prideful individual... except me, of course. You have such faith in yourself and your abilities, it's incredible. You may even be so prideful as to not let the others take the glory. It's alright, I refuse to let others be better than me too." ( Personality Evaluation )

The Stand is one of the possible main character stands.

The Stand copying Crazy Diamond

The Stand is a short-range special stand. Its power is rather unique compared to most others, in that it doesn’t have a special ability unique to itself. Rather, The Stand copies abilities from other stands. The Stand, for example, can copy the ability of Crazy Diamond, and heal objects via touch. On top of this, The Stand also gains a small boost to its stats to accommodate. Copying Crazy Diamond, for example, would yield a boost to speed and power. The Stand, when it copies other stands, mimics their color scheme.

This copy ability gives the stand an incredible amount of versatility, and can be useful asset in battle. The Stand, on its own, is incredibly weak, showing no real strength, speed, or range. It does, however, have okay durability and is fairly precise. Most telling however, is that The Stand has an incredibly high potential compared to other stands.