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The Wall
Anyway here's wonderwall.png
Namesake The Wall (Pink Floyd album)
Distance Short-Range
Class Support Type
Power B
Speed D
Range D
Precision C
Durability A
Potential C

"A short range Support-type Stand. It has the appearance of a giant humanoid composed of the nearest manmade construction material, such as wood, brick, or metal. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. You'll need to learn to use them properly. (Although I sincerely doubt you have the intelligence to do that...)" ( In-Game Description )

"You're a very caring person. You never let your friends think they are alone. They always have a friend, and you'll be there with a shoulder to cry on. Your loving nature makes you reliable, but you can't seem to take the lead on fixing a problem. Letting others know when they make bad decisions is better in the long run." ( Personality Evaluation )

The Wall is one of the possible main character stands.

The Wall is a short range support stand that focuses on defending its user and their allies by being a giant, durable wall. It forms itself out of the nearest wall, and remembers the last material it formed out of in case there is no wall present.

The stand has incredibly high durability, making it nearly invincible. However, it is very slow and works only in close range. It has okay power and precision to make up for these weaknesses.