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Velvet Revolver
Velvet Revolver.png
Namesake Velvet Revolver (Rock supergroup)
Distance Long-Range
Class Control Type
Power C
Speed B
Range B
Precision B
Durability C
Potential E

"A long range Control-type stand. A gun with bullets that cause various psychological effects in those it hits. Strangely enough, it can talk and thinks it's a pacifist. Interesting..." ( In-Game Description )

"I can appreciate someone who gets to the point. You don't like wasting time, and you always make sure people know how you feel. It's not that you're trying to be rude, you just see more value in being honest. Sometimes people need to be told how it is, but maybe you'd gain more from being a bit more disingenuous?" ( Personality Evaluation )

Velvet Revolver is one of the possible main character stands.

Velvet Revolver is a long range control stand, that appears in the form of a small revolver. Velvet Revolver has the power to control emotions with the bullets it fires. The bullets don’t harm those the user doesn’t want, and does to those the user does. They can affect every emotion, from rage to sadness to joy. He only has six bullets, however, so the user must keep in mind his limitations.

Something unique to Velvet Revolver is that he has a personality all his own. He has a very gentleman-like approach, fancying himself a pacifist, to everything that happens to him, and as a result can often clash with other stand users different from his own. However, when push comes to shove, VR will do what’s right.

Velvet Revolver shoots fast and precisely, as well as having a long range. Unfortunately, while its bullets do decent damage, the Revolver provides little means of protection against other stands.